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Our Principles

Since 1983, our mission has been simple: to craft a better built environment.

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About Daniel Mills

Daniel is a Partner and President at Synchro. He has over 12 years of experience in the design, delivery and management of complex commercial real estate projects. His professional experience includes a wide variety of corporate and commercial office, interiors, mixed-use facilities, laboratories, manufacturing, and urban planning projects. At Synchro Daniel leads the strategic development and implementation of Synchro’s business strategy. He is active in project pursuits; marketing and business development efforts; project visioning; and project design, delivery and management.

Prior to Synchro he was a Sustainable Design Leader and Project Manager at HOK. He received a BS in Biology from Trinity University and an MS from Rice University in Environmental Analysis.

About Chris Berg

Chris is a Partner and Chief Operations Officer at Synchro. He manages Synchro’s finances, business operations and human resources efforts. He leads financial planning efforts including management of financial risks, record-keeping, forecasting, and reporting. He works closely with clients during contract negotiations and provides financial modeling for projects to understand project spend throughout the different stages of a project.

He earned a BS in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University. After graduating he spent 11 years in the energy industry, primarily as an analyst and products trader for Seacor Energy Holdings and later as a products trader for Par Petroleum Corporation. In 2010 he attended graduate school at the Jesse H. Jones School of Business at Rice University where he received his MBA.

About Stephen Starr

Stephen joined Synchro in January 2019 as Senior Project Manager. He has over 7 years of commercial construction experience with an emphasis on healthcare and research facilities. Prior to Synchro, he served as a Project Manager at Vaughn Construction, where his experience included management of complex buildouts and renovations within active healthcare facilities and the challenging logistics of ground-up construction in the Houston medical center. At Synchro, Stephen manages design and construction projects and plays an active role in project pursuits.

Stephen received a BS in Construction Management from Louisiana State University, as well as a BS in Marketing.

About Lee Hancock

Lee is the Founding Partner of Synchro. Prior to starting the company in 1983, he was employed for 11 years by Brown and Root in the design and construction of heavy industrial facilities.

Lee is a pioneer in the Design Build integrated project delivery method. After nearly 40 years of delivering a wide range of successful commercial office, manufacturing, laboratory, research and warehouse spaces, he and his son in law, Chris Berg, recruited Daniel Mills to become an equity partner and form the next generation of leadership for Synchro. Lee remains active in the company and lends his years of experience to the team. He received a BA in History from the University of Texas at Austin.

About Darko Sefic

Darko has more than 30 years of experience in architectural design and construction. He has led an array of project types including corporate and commercial office, science and technology, government, aviation, residential, and retail. At Synchro, Darko is engaged with project design and oversees documentation and delivery of all projects. Prior to Synchro Darko was a Senior Associate at HOK for 12 years.

Darko was part of a team of architects that created the Warchitecture project, an exhibit that traveled extensively in Europe and documented the destruction of landmark buildings during the Siege of Sarajevo. Darko received a BA in Architecture from the University of Sarajevo.

About Chris Oliver, AIA

Chris is a licensed architect and Design Director at Synchro. He has over 10 years of experience in architecture and design, with a focus on the design of top-tier commercial, corporate, cultural, and residential projects. Prior to Synchro, Chris worked as a Project Designer at HOK for 5 years, where he was engaged with a variety of project types, including two large corporate headquarters developments in the Houston area. At Synchro Chris is primarily engaged in project design and delivery, with an emphasis on establishing and maintaining design vision throughout the life of Synchro projects.

Chris received a MA in Architecture from Princeton University and a BA of Architecture from the University of Texas.


Our Clients


  • Alvin Independent School District
  • Amoco Federal Credit Union Building
  • Anrem Corporation
  • Avro Aviation
  • Barge & Associates
  • Commonwealth Life Insurance Company
  • John Brown Engineering and Construction
  • Medical Towers Ltd.
  • Rice University
  • South Shore Development
  • Stewart & Stevenson
  • Union Carbide Corporation


  • Air Liquide
  • AKZO Chemical Inc
  • Amoco Chemical Company
  • Arco Chemical Company
  • Becon Construction/Ethyl Corporation
  • Baker Hughes Company
  • Cameron Oil Field Services
  • Chevron Chemical Company
  • CIRS America Inc
  • Cooper Industries
  • Enterprice Products Company
  • Eurecat
  • FMC Building Control Room
  • GSL Manufacturing

Master Planning

  • Akzo Chemicals
  • Baker Hughes Company
  • Newpark Drilling Fluids
  • Stewart & Stevenson

Memberships + Affiliations

Architecture + Construction. Seamlessly integrated.

Collaboration isn’t simply encouraged, it’s the way work gets done.
your partners

Our processes are designed to foster collaboration and establish a consistent, open dialogue with our clients over the life of the project.


Simultaneous engagement of both design and construction professionals.

Our integrated team works together from initial project visioning through programming, design and construction documentation, to permitting and construction completion.

Tailored Solutions

Synchro exists to provide high-performance facilities tailored to our clients’ unique needs. We understand that every project is unique and that one size doesn’t fit all.


Our team utilizes the latest design and construction management software and produces detailed 3D + VR renderings and project visuals in-house.

Building better
through collaborative design
since 1983.

Clear and organized communications throughout the construction lifecycle.

Our project managers and field superintendents have worked on a large variety of complex facilities and are dedicated to delivering quality, safe, and efficient projects for our clients.

Committed to Quality

Synchro understands that there are no shortcuts to achieving a quality product. From concept to completion, we maintain the highest standards for design and construction to meet the needs of the most discriminating clients.

Designed For Efficiency

Our unique process allows us to partner with our clients so we can truly understand their business and operational needs and design for better efficiency.

Our Principles


Quality is a pillar of the Synchro culture. Not only is it mandated, it is understood. With early pre-construction feedback and architect involvement throughout the project, our clients can better prioritize decisions and more strategically utilize their budget.


Safety, like quality, cannot be merely mandated, it must be integral to the mindset of the workplace. At Synchro, all employees undergo OSHA training and we have adopted a system of continuous improvement for our safety practices and policies.


We understand that open communication and transparency are critical to every project’s success. We are committed to transparent and honest dialogue with our clients, and we utilize state-of-the art project management software to connect the team to clear and organized project information.